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Futsal - Ages 13-85

Weekly Summary and Standings




Pink Salmon




Perham FC




D.L. Tigers




La Palma




Snow Leopards












Pert Near Family




The Hoots








The Blue Team




The Closers




Little Warriors





Why is it so important to practice indoors.


  1. The game is faster because of the floor.
  2. What Co Ed teams bring to the game;                                                                                             good passing (girls)   speed and strength (boys).
  3. Field and weather conditions do not impact the game. ( no excuses…)
  4. Your body  gets to practice being fast and this helps in perfecting that oh so important “First Touch “.
  5. Your mind learns  to think a mile a second…
  6. It’s a terrific work out that keeps you in excellent shape.

                It’s a lot of fun, bring your friends along.

World Cup Futsal Champions 2019 Pink Salmon

League Champions DL. Hotspur

Thank you Pam for organizing this why do you do it ? Cuz its a kick...

End of the regular season

Well, I stand corrected, the Highschoolers did in fact get “schooled” by a new team in the league…perseverance pays off! 


The Futsal League champions for 2019…give me a drum roll please…by one eensy weensy point….drum roll continues….


DL Hotspurs


DL Hotspurs had 96 points and although Highschoolers and Pink Salmon tied scores with 95, 2nd place went to HighSchoolers.  Pink Salmon took 3rd place with their strong finish of 2 shut outs/maximum points.  To everyone:  well played my friends, well played!

……Comments from David Carter:


Pam, attached are the results showing the league winners DL Hotspurs. Tied on points for second place was the High Schoolers and Pink Salmon.  This went to the first tie breaker, who won the head to head game which was the HS.

We have a week’s break because the gym was booked next Sunday  for another event.


The World Cup playoffs (Yes it truly is, players from Solemn Island, South Africa, England, Nepal, Mexico, America and maybe some other nationalities.) starts at 12:00 on Sunday 7 of April.


I have posted the schedule to the web and it is attached for your review.


Be sure to wear your TShirts for league/team pictures.  Everyone has a chance to win the World Cup, it’s a new slate!  If everyone can have at least ONE to TWO people on your team bring a treat to share with the league, we’ll have a treat table set up for snacks throughout the afternoon.  IF you could courtesy reply to me (218 849 7703) as to who will bring what treat so we don’t have 15 batches of choc chip cookies or 15 crocks of weenies, that would be really, really appreciated!  It truly is a fun day and great for spectators too….encourage any prospective players to come watch, bring your family/friends to cheer you on! 


I have some great prizes to distribute for league and World Cup champions as well as all participants.  Thanks to all for a great season, finish strong, cuz it’s a KICK!  See you on Sunday – April 7th! 




Week 1

Jelly Side Down “smuckered” the Goalercoasters.

Perham FC had to forfeit to The Hoots, still looking for a gal to join their team, so keep your eyes/ears open!

The Snow Leopards stormed the Dream Team with a shutout  victory.

Pink Salmon broke down the walls of Border Patrol with a victory.

Strikers FC also had to forfeit to the HighSchoolers for lack of a female athlete, also looking for another gal to join their team

Little Warriors didn’t put up much of a fight with a forfeit against the Dark Clouds, they’ve added a 2nd gal so LOOK OUT

DL Hotspurs were too hot to handle and scorched a win against Kikiwaka.

Jelly Side Down dished out another loss with a victory over the Hoots.

Perham FC forfeited to Dream Team, help me out guys, find them a gal!

Highschoolers lost the shut out to Little Warriors, but came out on top with a victory, curious=who was in goal?!?!?! (smirk)

Strikers FC found their female athlete for their 2nd game of the day, but couldn’t find a win against the Snow Leopards.


Week 3

The league is “heating up”, unlike the weather outside, right?!?!?


Attached are the results…Jelly Side Down and Highschoolers are leading the league with a tough fought TIE with 37 pts….not far behind are Hoots, Pink Salmon, Perham FC, Snow Leopards and HotSpurs….the rest is a mixed bag and anyone’s game….speaking of game, WHO’S GOT GAME to rally to the top!?!??!?


There will be a couple open gyms this wkend @ 3:20 and 4pm if people want to mix it up with some friendly games. 


Week 4

The Highschoolers are schooling their competitors and leading the league.  There are several teams running a close pace…..Given any team can rack up 10 points in a single game, it’s ez to jockey positions quickly!   Keep fighting! 


The HighSchoolers won the league and were awarded the #1 seed. But this was the World Cup playoffs and Pink Salmon stepped up to win the trophies.

With mixed emotion, the season has come to a FINALE!  I let Brad know I had one last pmt of $25 and a bill for the yr end prizes that I will submit to the office, he knows its there for his new treasurer responsibilities….all freezie juice has been cleaned out of my car so I can open the back hatch without having to unpry glued freezie juice…..and the bag of “stuff” I’ve been carting around for the past few months has dwindled to a few straggling items so all is good!  We’ll see if my budget allows purchase of new balls for next yr, might be less expensive than legal ramifications from injury from the coarseness of the current balls we have. 

Week 7

Oh my goodness, what a fun season it has been thus far….I’ve attached the schedule and league standings, what a close race! 


HighSchoolers are the team to beat….Perham United could edge them out, BUT only by keeping HighSchoolers from scoring and beating KickChicks, which makes for an interesting end to the regular season.  Pink Salmon was running up stream with a close 3rd.   Hoots, Bergens and Snow Leopards are all jockeying in the 50’s.  Thunder, Family & Friends and Force are all jockeying for position in the 40’s.  Little Warriors and Kick Chicks have had great seasons, with being new teams, they have some room for upward mobility. 


This Sunday marks the last regular season games….World Cup is the wkend AFTER Easter (04/08). 

The World Cup always provides for an incredibly fun day….check the schedule that comes out next wk to see when you will play as some games start at noon, 1, 2, 3 & 4…..if your team loses out early in the World Cup, plan to stick around and cheer for your next favorite team and enjoy some league comradery.  Start planning your team strategy for next yr!!!

Week 6

Fred’s Force LOVES the bragging rights with a victory over Vave’s Little Warriors….8-6

HighSchoolers also came out on top with a victory over Bergens….8-5

Pink Salmon took out the short rostered Snow Leopards….20-5

The Hoots and Bergens had a stalemate TIE….4-4, will the lack of a “W” affect their seed, time will tell?!?!?!?

Thunder successfully stormed Kick Chicks not only with a victory but also secured a shut out point against Kick Chicks 10-0 win.

Perham United had a BYE but enjoyed a friendly match against Pink Salmon while Friends & Family will come back all rested….LOOK OUT!


The HighSchoolers are the team to reckon with at the top of the leader board but are being tailed closely by Pink Salmon and Perham United with only having played 5 games.

Hoots and Bergen's are elbowing for a place on the top of the board as well.

Week 5

Oh my goodness, what a great season it has been thus far!


The scores and standings are attached… extremely tight race for the top 5 teams (Highschoolers, Pink Salmon, Bergens, Hoots and Perham United)…..and a pretty tight race for the remaining 6 teams….when the standings get this close, every point matters! 


Pink Salmon earned 2 shut out points by beating Fam & Friends 15-0 and Kick Chicks 6-0.

Bergens took it to the Little Warriors with their 15-2 win.

The Snow Leopards must have been recovering from Super Bowl as HighSchoolers schooled them with a 7-1 victory, but no shut out! 

Perham United once again stood united and strong beating The Force 10-6.

Thunder rolled by the Little Warriors with a 7-4 victory. 

The Hoots had a hoot beating Fam & Friends 9-3.

Week 4

The Hoots got an extra point for shutting out the Kick Chicks with their 10-0 win. 

The Highschoolers schooled both Family & Friends with a 11-4 victory and Thunder with a 9-1 victory. 

No shut out points for them, but they’re definitely a team that’s headed up the rankings. 

The Snow Leopards will have a little ground to make up after forfeiting to Bergens.  I must admit

the “other football” game would have been a good one to watch in the Dome.  Thanks to Perham

United (and friends) for playing Bergens as a “friendly” match.

Perham United continues their winning streak against Little Warriors 8-3.  Perham United is also at the

top of the leader board with Bergens and they are the teams to beat.    

Pink Salmon didn’t have much of a Force to contend with, winning 12-3.  We’re wondering if one of

the awestruck photo taking spectators thought Joel was Pele’ or Beckum?!?!  Always nice to be

in the likes of stardom.

Week 3

It’s a close race to the World Cup! 


What a HOOT watching the FORCE to be reckoned with….the FORCE were down 3-1 at half, but had a mighty come back almost pulling off a victory, ending in a

3-3 TIE.  WHOOOO would have thought it, right?!?!?!  The FORCE wasn’t quite as forceful against the SNOW LEOPARDS losing to them 9-5. 


Something is fishy, when the LITTLE WARRIORS can’t eek out a single goal against PINK SALMON, giving them not only the 10-0 win but a shut out point as well.


PERHAM UNITED continued to stand united with their 10-6 victory over THUNDER.   An entertaining game to watch, let’s just say Perham United has a lot of FUN teasing their own and Thunder has a cheering squad that brings a whole new meaning to Thunder and Lightening!   Be AFRAID!!!!


The HIGH SCHOOLERS schooled the KICK CHICKS with a 20-1 victory, but the Chicks didn’t let them have the extra shut out point….way to go Chicks!  Let’s just say Bakken was not rockin’ in the goal.


BERGEN’S handed FAMILY & FRIENDS a loss, with their 11-5 victory….the game was much closer than the score showed!  Taylor Jasken’s competitive yet FRIENDLY spirit is unrivaled – way to go TAY!


Consider this Sunday @ Futsal your warm up for the “other football” game….

Week 2

The top 5 places are all within 3 points of each other….a tight race, who will break away?!?!?! 


The HighSchoolers came down Forcefully and took the Force 15-4.


The Hoots showed the Little Warriors they need to fight a little harder after a 12-3 victory over ‘em.   However, it wasn’t a hoot for the Hoots with their loss handed to them by Perham United 14-4. 


Pink Salmon did not let Thunder’s storm weather them with a 10-2 win.


The points snowballed for the Snow Leopards 10-5 family friendly victory over Family & Friends. 


The kick chicks saved a shut out against Bergens 20-1 win over them, nicely played

Week 1



Results after Week 1 of Futsal are in (see attached)…


The Snow Leopards “stormed” the Kick Chicks, the kick chicks need a little more kick to pull off a win this wk!

The High Schoolers “schooled” the Little Warriors so the Little Warriors will have to fight, fight, fight!

The Hoots had a “hoot” thundering by Thunder.  Thunder was short players because of a BB tournament.

Perham United stood “united” with a BIG WIN over Pink Salmon….they’ll be swimming upstream to withhold World Cup Champion status.

Bergens didn’t have much of a force to reckon with in their win over the Force.

Family & Friends almost “kicked” their way into a shut out with their 21-1 win over the Kick Chicks, nice save Chicks!


Week 5

Snow Leopards trounced Lady and the Tramps with a 11-4 victory.


Bergens defeated Crusaders 10-7. 


Goal-A-Coasters had to forfeit to DL International as they didn’t have enough players from their roster in attendance. 


Tsunami’s stormed Savage Squad 17-1. 


See attachment for league standings….a tight race to the end!

Week 4

Snow Leopards stormed by Tsunami’s with a 9-4 victory and marched by Crusaders 8-5.

Wildcats used catlike balance to pull off a win against Bergens 8-6.

Goal-A-Coasters eeked out a win over Savage Squad 3-2.

DL International trampled Lady and the Tramps 11-1.


One tweak on the tournament standings on p2 – Goal-A-Coasters have played 5 games.   This wkend will prove to be interesting when DL International plays Wildcats as they are tied and jockeying for 1st place in the standings. 



Week 3

We closed out January, it was a KICK!  Three wks of tournament play is in the rear view mirror and 5 wks left ‘til the WORLD CUP!


DL International slid by the Snow Leopards with a 7-1 win.  Fun, Fun game to watch as both teams played incredibly well.   

Goal-A-Coasters barely coasted by Lady and the Tramps with a 7-6 win only to be trounced by Wildcats’ 20-4 victory over ‘em.

Bergens defeated Savage Squad with a wide margin victory of 17-3.

Tsunami’s stormed over the Crusaders with a 9-7 win. 


DL International and Wildcats are tied for 1st place in the league (27 pts), with Bergen’s a close 2nd (21 pts).  Goal-A-Coasters and Snow Leopards still in contention (19 pts).  There’s a lot of game time left to jockey for better position in the league….light ‘em up!


Snow Leopards have a big wk with 2 games this wkend….better rest up! 


C U Sunday!

Week 2

Wk 2 is under our belt, far different than below the belt!


DL International stormed by the Tsunami’s with 8-2 win.

Bergens rolled the Goal-A-Coasters with a 13-1 win, they’re GROWING places!

Wildcats clawed their way to wins over Savage Squad 27-2 & Lady and the Tramp 10-7.

The Snow Leopards iced the Savage Squad with a 9-1 win.


The bottom of p2 on the attachment shows tournament standings season to date.  Three teams are tied for first (DL International, Snow Leopards and Wildcats) with Bergens & Lady and the Tramps right on their tails.  Still plenty of game time to shake up the standings, so light ‘em up for next wk!

Week 1

Wow, we made it thru wk one of tournament play and I must admit, it’s going to be a crazy fun season – see attached schedule/standings! 


  • Bergen’s and Snow Leopards had what I would consider a pretty intense game to start the season off….the Snow Leopards eeked out the win 7-6.


  • The Goal-A-Coasters “rolled” the Crusaders with a 7-3 win. 


  • The Wildcats “weathered” the Tsunami’s storm with a 14-5 win.  Tsunami’s will have to bring more steam with their storm this wkend. 


  • Lady and the Tramps didn’t “trample” the Savage Squad, but they did come out on top with a 5-4 win.


  • DL International “crusaded” over the Crusaders with a 12-4 win.  Hopefully the Crusaders will have a full roster this wkend while DL International will be missing one of their key players for a few wks – we wish Joel well on his African mission trip, service above self!  

DL International does the double

 Dl international  won a very hard fought match against Bergen's. The end score was 4-3 in a hotly contested match.

The game was played over two BB courts and made for some hard paced action.

League winners

DL International has won the league. Second place went to Bergen's. Snow Leopards placed third.

This was a hotly contested league that bodes well for the World Cup Championship next weekend.

There are  9 countries represented : It is why we  have a World Cup...

Argentina, Solomon Islands, Kenya, Haiti,  Nepal, Ukraine, Columbia, USA

And one Englishman!

Pam is great because she is fluent in all the above languages....

That's why she has total control over the program.


Week 4

  1. The REAL LAKERS had to forfeit to the BRITS….…..


  1. BERGEN’S nipped SNOW LEOPARDS in the bud with a 9-5 win…


  1. WINDSTORMERS lost their wind with a forfeit to DL INTERNATIONAL….


  1. Both the CRUSADERS and BLUE FIRE took forfeits as they were both short players at game time….I’m confident they’ll light a fire under their teams and crusade forward with full teams on Sunday. 


Week 3

The WINDSTORMERS and BRITS, both had to forfeit – Windstormers lost a little gusto as they didn’t have 5 roster players and the Brits didn’t have the GRIT of a gal from their roster playing w/ them. 


BERGEN’S beat the REAL LAKERS as the Real Lakers had to forfeit with only one team member present.  The question stands as to whether the REAL LAKERS are REALLY going to show up?!?!?


SNOW LEOPARD’S snowballed over BLUE FIRE with a 16-0 win.


DL INTERNATIONAL stopped the CRUSADERS with a 6-3 victory march.



CRUSADERS got the WIN due to a forfeit, maybe the REAL LAKERS were afraid to show up?!?!?!?


DL INTERNATIONAL took the win over BLUE FIRE 12-1….Blue Fire will need to heat it up this wkend to play the Snow Leopards, reigning Futsal Champs.


Snow Leopards took the win over the Brits 12-1.  The Brits have lost a key player as Ivan had to return to Argentina with the foreign exchange program; however, he’s replaced with a ringer in Tyler Wirtz.


We have a new team “BERGENS”…. I have a feeling they’re GROWING PLACES, if you know what I mean...

That’s the wrap for Futsal….


The league gets off to a good start

Snow Leopard vs DL International = DL International upset reigning champions in a barn burner 6-5, now that’s FUTSAL

 Brits.... who are they.....

See other results in schedule.

Join the fast paced game for ages 13-80!

2016 Dates:

Sunday, January 3, 10,17,24,31. 

February 7, 21,  28.

March 6.

Join the fast paced game for ages 13-80!

2015 Dates:

Sunday, January 4, 11,18 

February 1, 8,  22.

March 1, 8, 29.

In a hard fought game the Snow Leopards beat out the 

Soccer-ers to win the World Cup. Both teams had cake and ice cream after the event.

League winners : The Soccer-ers followed closely by Snow Leopards and then DL International. Earning 1-2 & 3 seeds respectively, as they enter the World Cup playoffs.

Week two finds Snow Leopard and Soccer-ers tied for first place.

Last years champions have hit a flat spot and sit in third place.

The first week of league play is over with Super Cal... on top but with some strong teams nipping at their heels.







2014  results

World Cup 

DL International  and Thee High Flyers battled it out in the championship game. Thee High Flyers were looking to repeat their league win but it was not to be. The talented DL International won 8-5.

Week 7:  The High Flyers win the league and clinch the #1 seed as we enter the final stages.

This is a  World Cup Event, the following countries are involved in the Futsal League:





Solomon Islands,





and the good old US of A.

Week 6:

We have a barn burner on our hands who will win the league ?   

DL international or Thee High Flyers find out as these two teams face each other next week to decide once and for all who rules..



Week 5: The league is shaping up with Thee High Flyers once again sitting on top of the heap. In the #2 spot is  Him Chituwa followed by DL International.

Tronauts and # Hashtag's are both sitting in the relegation zone.

With only two weeks of regular season play left the teams are vying for the high seeds before  they enter the World Cup Qualifying brackets.






2013 season.

Week 9:  The High Flyers are the unstoppable winning the League and World cup brackets.

Above Average Joes were unable to stop them and placed second.

Week 8: Thee High Flyers win the League and clinch the #1 seed as they  enter the World Cup playoffs.


Week 7:

The Incredibles showing their age slip to #3 in the league. On top Thee High Flyers followed closely by Above Average Joes.

Hattrick Heroes remain in the relegation zone.

The Incredibles jump to the top of the league, how do those old timers do it ?

Lurking in the tall grass is Thee high Flyers and above Average Joes, both with a game in hand.

Sitting in the relegation zone is the Hattrick Heroes they need some to start climbing the table.


This year we have  truly world class players coming from: Argentina, Nepal, India, Solomon Islands, Mexico, Spain America and maybe some half-blood English,.

It's early days yet but Thee High Flyers are sitting in first place with a 5 point lead over second placed BJ and the Swans.

A point behind the Swans is The Incredibles ( which they are considering there advanced age)

Him Chitwa and Above Average Joes are in the middle of the table both teams have a game in hand.

In the relegation zone is Tronauts and Hattrick Heroes but it is early days yet.






2012 Season


The Time Lords pull off a last minute stunner to win the league.

They had been trailing all season long but The Time Lords showed there strength on the last day of the season out muscling Bramre FC who had to make do with second place.  Team stacked held on to third place followed by Middle Earth in fourth.  Facing relegation this year is Goals-R-Us and Pretty Girl Swag.

This year there were players from : Mexico, Nepal, Albania, Brazil and a half blood Englishman.


Snow Leopards win the world cup

Past Seasons


What a season, this is turning into an international event. We have players from USA, Mexico, Germany, Solomon Islands,Brazil and some half blood English. With this international mixture things have been heating up...

Still in top position Rawr has played 5 games and leads with 37 points, snapping at their heels is the international team Bramre FC with 27 points and a game in hand. Whattsumatta U lies in third position but don't count out their international star studded team.

At the bottom of the table facing relegation is Pretty Girls Swag and Team Stacked..... ah well.

2010 League Champions:

Congratulations once again to Ca$h money, winning the league for the second consecutive season. Ballers of America finished in second position.

Thanks to the refs for their hard work and to all the players for a great season.

See you all next year.

2009 League Champions:

Congratulations the Ca$h Money team claims the top spot with the light weight 699lbs. Gorillas in second place.

 The Monkey Puppets win the 2008 Futsal League

During the six weeks of League play, we saw a lot of good, fun soccer, skill improvement and really cool shirts. Monkey Puppets had a consistent season and finished tops with 67 points. Vikings finished in second place.

Thanks to the refs for their hard work and to all the players for a great season.

See you all next year.

2011 Futsal Pictures