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Beach Soccer Tournament

Torrential rain did not stop this event

Fred, this game  was not for the wimps or faint of heart…..

This was a true contest, a battle between the boys and girls.

A relic from the past was dug up to officiate the game.

The game ended with everyone plunging into the lake.

This was  photographed for posterity.


The Ref was heard to say….. I’m not calling anything against my boys !!!.

JJ was allowed to get away with murder pushing through players with no regard for their safety.

With his beard blowing in his face he was a virtual Nordic god, plowing  through his opponents.

This will go down in the history books as the event of the decade…..


Regards, David J Carter 


I agree with David on most points of this historic match that took Thor the God of Thunder to finally declare a winner.

With the back flip trying to save a ball going into the lake (PLAY of the NIGHT!!) to the exceptional play by all players. The boys team was victorious with the help of having a Mom on their team and 1 outstanding girl who was from out of town and here in DL on vacation had heard that the boys needed a victory so she joined the boys' team to put them over the top.

Besides the World Class players, I heard a news report that not only was the Hall of Fame Referee (Relic?) that officiated the game of the century he was not only the best dressed referee of the night but sports commentators are bringing up comparisons of Pierluigi Collina. Plays and calls that allowed soccer players to make plays that are only seen on ESPN's top 10 plays of week and year.


What a great night! Thanks to all the players and volunteers that braved the weather so the event could happen.


For the Love of the Game!!


Justin Wegleitner

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